Accessories HMT


Safety helmet

Mounting clips (3 pairs)

Belt carabiner

Portable keyboard with touchpad

Mobile projector HMT

International adapter


HMT USB car charger

Battery pack (6 pieces)

6 units battery charger


ATEX certified USB charger for HMT-1Z1

USB charging cable

Noise cancelation earphones

Earbuds (foam)

Noise cancelation foam filters for mic (3 pairs)

Bump cap (type -1) + strap (3 point)

Strap (3 point)

Mounting strap - top (6 piece)

Mounting strap - back (6 piece)

Transport bag

Semi-rigid transport case

Screwdriver for SD card slot

Micro SD card (SanDisk Extreme®)

Privacy stickers (6 pieces)

Camera cover – 3D print files

Clips – 3D print files


Flexband - silicone 3-point strap


LTE 4G modem with mounting and cable

Back strap

Battery screw-on cover


Headband (HMT-1)

Bump cap (type -2) + mounting strap (3-point)

HMT - kits

Kit HMT-1 x 1


Kit HMT-1 x 5

Kit HMT-1 x 10

Kit HMT-1Z1 x 1

Kit HMT-1Z1 x 5


Kit HMT-1Z1 x 10

HMT-1 EBT kit with thermal camera and carrying case

HMT-1 EBT kit with carrying case

HMT-1 EBT kit with carrying case